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really? [Dec. 12th, 2009|10:56 pm]

so I just finished watching ‘confessions of a shopaholic’. it was really good, it’s just surprising how much it’s fucking killing me right now.


i mean. i’m super stressed about how much money in debt i am, how i can’t afford to pay for any of it, cause, i don’t have a job. but i’m not having such an easy time with it. i still have to pay rent, and i haven’t been able to lie my way into a new job either. and i have a car payment that’s about to be due. i have nothing worth selling. except my laptop. i’m thinking about selling my laptop actually. if someone is willing to pay me what i payed for it. since its only 2 months old. i could at least pay this months bills. it was nice while it lasted. right? (p.s. its a dell inspiron 17” with all the bells and whistles so for $1400, it’s yours, including a case thingy, software and a mouse)


and then the movie ends with a fucking wedding and more lovey dovey bullshit piled on top of it.

so i can relate to it, but i don’t have any coincidental, funny, ironic, easy answers. so i feel even more crushed.


so now i’m watching bolt. cause maybe it will take the knot of anxiety down a bit.